MAXXI SPOTTY 300 standard AMT ceramic spray tip Ø1.5 + Ø10 mm hex.  24 hose shank Max.
Max. operating pressure: 40 bar
Weight: 300 mm 660 g (1.5 lb) Lenght: 300 mm (11.7”)
Replacement ceramic spray tip in various Øsizes and service kit available.

TOMMY GUN TURBO complete with Cone Nozzle, ideal for High trunk-trees
Max. operating pressure: 60 bar

HYDRA SPRAY GUN, ergonomic grip, micro-jet diffuser with air mixing studied to achieve a perfect micro-atomization of the liquids and a lower impact on the plant.
Max. operating pressure : 50b
Inlet ½”M thread

CUSTOM LANCE ASSEMBLY customizable to suit the requirements and needs of each user, with fixed extension options from 0 to 750 cm and Telescopic extensione750-1500cm, the set-up can be completed with a variety of brass cone nozzles (standard, adjustable or double) or fitted with almost endless combinations of nozzle tips (ISO); elbow and bell (shield) also available on request.
The inlet can be set up with a range of different connections : fixed, swivel, hose tail or thread, in brass or nylon.